Where to Give

As a private, non-profit college, Alaska Christian College has two primary sources of revenue – tuition and gift support. In order to keep tuition at a level that enables the College to serve as broad a range of Alaska Native students as possible, Alaska Christian College relies on the generous support of alumni, friends, corporations and foundations. Below are the support areas in which Alaska Christian College manages its gift income.

General Operating

Alaska Christian College has developed a long term funding strategy through its Endowment and a Scholarship Fund. However, there is a great need for general giving that helps Alaska Christian College cover its annual operating cost of $1.5 million.

Scholarship Fund

Each year, Alaska Christian College awards its students with scholarship funds based on need and academic success. Without Alaska Christian College’s Scholarship Fund, many students would not be able to attend and reach the full potential we know they possess. Our Scholarship Fund is much like our Endowment with the exception that all funds are specifically used to support students cost of attendance.


Currently, All full-time staff at Alaska Christian College are required to assist in raising the equivalent of their annual salary. If you have already met a staff member and would like to support them, click on give now button at the bottom of this page. If you have not met a staff member but would like to support a staff member, click here to see a list of current staff and faculty.


Ultimately, Alaska Christian College’s ability to serve future generations will rely on long term support. Through a permanent endowment, Alaska Christian College can continue to maintain its operations and keep tuition cost reasonable through the economic cycles our nation faces.

Wish List

Every year supporters of Alaska Christian Colleges give specific gifts such as laptops, vehicles, sports equipment and other various items that are frequently published in our Wish List. To see our current Wish List, click here.