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Student Success Stories

Jimmy Andrew, 2007


Jimmy Andrew came to Alaska Christian College in 2006 after attending Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Sitka, Alaska. Jimmy heard about the college when a team of staff and students from ACC visited his high school for a service project. Jimmy was interested in the unique approach the school takes to education and Christian living, focusing on issues culturally relevant for Alaskan students.  Jimmy grew up in the village of Kwigillingok, Alaska. He primarily spoke Yup’ik until his freshman year of high school. At ACC he found a supportive educational environment that helped him achieve his goals. “Without ACC,” Jimmy explains, “I might not have had the confidence to finish college.” At ACC Jimmy was an influential leader in the Native dance group and in student life activities. He continues to share his faith and life experiences through storytelling, community involvement, and volunteering. He is currently pursuing further education at Kenai Peninsula College. Jimmy and his wife, Sylvia (2007 ACC alum) live in Soldotna, Alaska.


John "Lupi" Anaver, 2005-2007

I felt love from God at ACC. God was and is always there, He was there when I was there. The thing that impacted me the most would be the staff at ACC; they were loving, caring, there to encourage when it was just not your day. When they shared their love and care, I felt God, I saw God. It's like a spark trying to light up my heart to desire to love, be faithful, to care, to encourage other people around me. I am still learning today ,but I know they will always still be there when I need them.


Meritha Capelle, 2006-2007

It was at ACC that I learned God is a God of LOVE and not wrath. I learned that He loves me unconditionally regardless of the many mistakes and bad decisions I had made. For so long I had viewed God as being so far away, only there when I really needed Him. At ACC I learned that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are three who are not only near to me, but also within me. While I definitely learned all of this through the academic lens of looking into His word, studying and writing all of those papers about topics from the Old Testament to the New Testament, Brother Lawrence, St. Augustine and others, just as importantly, I learned through what I saw: the staff and volunteers at ACC who lived out Compassion, Grace, Servitude, Solace, and many other spiritual disciplines/gifts. The compassion I was taught at ACC was such a change from the overly judgmental world I was brought up in. The world that believes God would throw you away if you made one mistake or bad decision. I also learned about Hermeneutics, and the importance of learning God’s word in His power and strength, knowing His heart, so that I can better understand His word, and the reasons it was written, when it was written and why it is still so powerful today as it was centuries ago. I learned more of the Heart of God when I was at ACC.

I was able to receive counseling, which helped me in so many ways to open myself up to the redemption God has wanted me to receive and experience for so long. I have dealt with so many issues from growing up with parents addicted to alcohol as a child, to being in a very unhealthy relationship during my adulthood. The counseling at New Hope moved me into a place of healing from deep wounds I had pushed to the back of my memory. New Hope and ACC have sparked this new Love I have for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Doris Hugo-Shavings, 2001-2002

ACC was the best thing that ever happened to me. I would still be lost without it. It made me realize how selfish and mean I was to people, even the people I loved the most. I was not a nice person and it took a lot of soul/heart searching to realize I wasn't meant to be that person and definitely could not let satan rob me of my joy any longer. That first day I got there I felt even more lost and it's a long story how I ended up at ACC. But, it was meant to be and I am grateful to Jesus everyday that I'd gone when all arrows pointing in other directions and I'm grateful for all of the blesssings I have and relationships I built.

ACC's educational program was so different. I had to use my heart and that was much harder than using my brain. I was supposed to be at UAA that year finishing up my degree. But God had other plans and I still got through my secular college and now have a great foundation to build upon. God has been good and He has been there through all my highs and lows and through the storms and the calmness.