More Ways to Partner

President’s Advisory Council
Since the inception of the President’s Advisory Council in 2006, this group of major benefactors to the College has served the President in areas of each person’s expertise from their professional backgrounds. This group meets annually on the campus of ACC and advises the President in areas needing additional support to the administration as well as receives updates on campus happenings and ministry programs. For more information, contact the Chair of the President’s Advisory Council, Mr. Doug Ideker, [email protected].

Community Advisory Council
From the Central Kenai Peninsula area, Christian leaders of businesses and entities that can bring advice to the President has been established and they meet on the campus of ACC on a quarterly basis. Their goal is to offer support for the ministry of ACC through local businesses and their professional backgrounds. Contact President Keith Hamilton at [email protected] for more information.

Missionary opportunities
For a complete list of employment opportunities, contact ACC’s Director of Human Resources, Linda Lundquist, at [email protected].