We CARE for you

It is a value of ACC to CARE for our students while they are with us and to continue to minister to alumni long after they leave us. This webpage is designed to CARE for you in the following ways.


Staying connected with you and helping you stay connected to other alumni is an important part of our ongoing service to you. In this world of relatively “easy” transportation, people move around often. Cell numbers and email addresses change. We want to keep up with you. Please help us stay in touch and update your information from this page as it changes using the “Update Information” tab.


As you pursue other educational and employment opportunities we want to help you any way we can and give you opportunities to assist others take advantage of all that ACC has to offer. From this website, you can request transcripts, make payments to your outstanding bill, make a donation and refer the names of family members and friends to our admissions department. Check out the tab called “designate a scholarship” where you can learn more about designating a scholarship for a student interested in ACC.


We want to be a resource for you through new life phases and challenges that you encounter. Under the “helpful links” tab, you’ll find a list of different websites that are good resources for life issues you face now.


We want you to be “spurred on toward love and good deeds” through our ongoing communication with you. We will be publishing quarterly newsletters and sending e-newsletters that will have articles designed  encourage you in your walk with the Lord. These will also be avenues to share celebrate your accomplishments and special events like marriages, births, promotions. Use the “Contact Alumni Relations” tab to keep us informed of such happenings. We will also advertise opportunities for our alumni to gather and fellowship together on the “News and Events” tab . Some of these gatherings include the annual Uiñiq weekend, Covenant Bible Camp, commencement, fundraiser dinners, and other events that take place both on and off campus. Visit us regularly to see what is going on that you can be a part of. If you know of regional events or special occasions involving our alumni, use the “Contact Alumni Relations” tab so we can keep up with the things