From the President


Get ready for the adventure of your life. When I was a young adult, I was searching for meaning in my life and the world around me. Growing up in a small town and attending a small school made a very positive impact on my life. Attending church for the first time as a junior in high school opened up a journey of adventure in my life I never thought possible!
For students at Alaska Christian College, each day is an adventure with our faculty and staff team, with fellow students, and with God. You may find yourself deeply immersed in a faith discussion with your fellow students; on a local, state, or international service trip; or sitting in class learning things never discussed or getting questions never answered before. It is an adventure worth pursuing.
I challenge you to give these two years to us at ACC as an investment of your life to prepare yourself for whole-life discipleship. We commit to do our best to prepare you for next steps in your life whether they be attending another educational institution or pursuing work and ministry. We commit to serve your whole being—your heart, your soul, and your mind. We also want you to experience what grace is all about as ACC is a place of grace.
Come to ACC not perfect, but imperfect and open yourself up to be served as you find out who God has made you to be.
When I was in high school, I heard about a college in Canada similar to ACC, but chose not to attend. I wish I could turn back the clock of time and go back and receive that foundational education offered then. I encourage you to pursue wholeness and adventure along the faith and educational journey through ACC.
I am here to be your friend, your instructor, and your president. Allow me the privilege of serving you at ACC!

Your servant,
Dr. Keith J. Hamilton, President